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Our instruments are available to audition in our store at 970 5th Ave, Issaquah WA 98027 Tuesday - Friday 10am to 6pm, or Saturday from 10am to 4pm. A violin may then be taken for trial for one week from our shop with receipt of valid credit card number and State issued ID. We do not ship instruments for trial from our location "sight unseen".

Andre Tellis brand instruments are selected exclusively by Hammond Ashley Violins as the best handmade Asian instruments currently available, and then professionally set up in our workshop in Issaquah Washington to meet strict standards of playability. This includes fitting a new bridge, planing the fingerboard, fitting the tuning pegs correctly, adjusting the soundpost, installing quality D'Addario or Thomastik brand strings, and a high quality fine tuning tailpiece.

  • Model 100 are hand carved, ebony fittings, durable nitro-cellulose or Lacquer finish - best for school programs and playable entry level rentals/for sale violins
  • Model 200 are select tone wood, ebony fittings, hand varnished - for more advanced players needing better tone and response
  • Model 300 are finest available handmade instruments from Asia

We offer a large selection of contemporary and antique instruments. The following is a list of some of our recent offerings. Please note the list may not be an accurate representation of current inventory.

We Tune for Free! Bring in your bowed violin family instrument for a free tuning any time we are open. *Please note, not all instruments are easily tunable, in which case we will make recommendations based upon the condition of your instrument.

NEW! Featured Instrument

    John Juzek Model 100 Violin Outfit - $599 (including Brazilwood bow and Hard-foam case)
  • Violin Outfit. Handmade, hand varnished, carved spruce top and maple back, ebony tailpiece and fingerboard, perfectly adjusted.
  • Includes Brazilwood bow with horsehair and shaped violin case with blanket.
  • It's a great student violin that comes with everything needed to play.
  • Set up with Dominant A, D, G, Lenzner E and Wittner composite tailpiece.
  • Available in 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 size.


All of our Double Basses are professionally set up in our workshop, including planing Fingerboard, new nut, Bosnian Maple adjustable bridge-hand fit, new soundpost, new end pin, High Quality strings by D'Addario, Thomastik, or Pirastro. Rentals available upon inquiry.

$2,500 - $3,500

  • Andre Tellis 100, Maple Laminate, Ebony Fingerboard, set up by Hammond Ashley
  • Andre Tellis 200, Spruce Laminate top
  • A. Arnoni 3000, Spruce Laminate top, Ebony Fingerboard
  • Christopher DB203T, Spruce Lamiate top
  • Vitali 1961, maple laminate, ebony fingerboard
  • Strunal maple laminate, ebony fingerboard, 1997

$3,500 - $5,000

  • Christopher DB303T Hybrid, Carved Top
  • A. Arnoni 4000, Hybrid, Carved Spruce top
  • Christopher Hybrid, Removable Neck travel bass
  • Shen 180 Better Quality Hybrid

$5000 +

  • Shen Ruggeri 300 model, Carved Maple back
  • Andre Tellis 400, hand carved, maple round back
  • Vitali, Gamba Fully Carved, Bubenreuth Germany 1960s
  • Emanuel Wilfer, Mohrendorf Germany, Carved round back
  • Kolstein and Sons Baldwin NY, Fendt model, Poplar flat back, 2005
  • Lugwig Glasel, 1887 Neukirchen. Flat back
  • Calin Wultur Corsini #5, Flat back, fully carved
  • Paesold 595T Fully Carved, violin model, Haggenau Germany
  • John Koehler
  • Luciano Golia, Italy
  • Johan Rauner - Mittenwald Violin corner, round back, fine workmanship and material
  • John Koehler, "Polonia" model, Snoqualmie WA


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