Tuning Instruments

Here is a tutorial on tuning bowed string instruments. Please be very careful to not over tune, and make sure the bridge is in alignment as outlined in this video. If you have any concerns, please bring the instrument to Hammond Ashley during business hours for a free tuning and adjustment.

The tuners used in the video are a Korg CA1 model digital tuner and the app is Pusadd Tuner PTU-2 for iPhone.

The 1st string is the highest string. The number after each pitch references the octave on the piano Keyboard (ie: E5 is the 5th E on the keyboard from the bottom.

We Tune for Free! Bring in your bowed violin family instrument for a free tuning any time we are open. *Please note, not all instruments are easily tunable, in which case we will make recommendations based upon the condition of your instrument.


Hammond Ashley Tuning Tutorial

Hammond Ashley Tuning Tutorial


  • Pitches for Violin
  • 1st string - E5
  • 2nd string - A4
  • 3rd string - D4
  • 4th string - G3
  • Pitches for Viola
  • 1st string - A4
  • 2nd string - D4
  • 3rd string - G3
  • 4th string - C3
  • Pitches for Cello
  • 1st string - A3
  • 2nd string - D3
  • 3rd string - G2
  • 4th string - C2
  • Pitches for Bass
  • 1st string - G2
  • 2nd string - D2
  • 3rd string - A1
  • 4th string - E1


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